Dakota Lofts Dakota Lofts Dakota Lofts

Dakota Lofts Condominium is a beautiful and harmonious blend of old and new, historic and modern design. The adaptive reuse of the existing architecture allows remnants of the industrial age to mix with urban residential style. Exposed brick and concrete instill an appreciation for the magnificence of this building's history. Its proximity to light rail, restaurants, merchants, and cultural institutions make Dakota Lofts Condominium an ideal place for those with active urban lifestyles.

Dakota Lofts was originally constructed in 1923 by the N.O. Nelson Manufacturing Company, which made heating and plumbing supplies. Local architects Scott and Welch utilized the concrete structural system of this industrial building to create an attractive design. The exposed concrete members form a grid pattern on the exterior of the building.

On the main fašade of Dakota Lofts, the vertical concrete supports also function as ornamental pilasters adorned with geometric tile details at the top. In the year 1998, the building was converted into a condominium. The pitch-roofed penthouses, the steel structure, and glass framed balconies of the condominium were added in the renovation providing spectacular views of the city to the residents.

Dakota Lofts Condominium is located at 380 West 200 South in Salt Lake City, operating under the direction of the Dakota Lofts Condominium Association. An owners meeting is held each January, at which time a governing Board of Directors is elected. The Board is assigned the responsibility of maintaining the property and assuring compliance with the Association's rules and regulations. The current Board consists of the following individuals: Robert Feldot, Bill Kriegbaum, Jacob Nuttall, Hank Louis, and Chamonix Wilson.